The College Student’s Nirvana: Diligence Cafe!

Hi everyone! Ken here, and this #BaristAdventure’s for the ones who know the struggle of doing all-nighters for the love (and hatred) of studying.

I’ll be featuring a place where you can pay as low as 70 Philippine Pesos per hour to drink unlimited coffee and juice,  study all you want, use hanging outlets, and for an extra amount, get yourself a 30-minute shower (yes, really!), or have a meeting with your friends/business partners/groupmate. AND YOU CAN ALSO TAKE NAPS. ~/*NAPS*/~!

It’s called Diligence Cafe, located in Katipunan Avenue, in Quezon City.


Situated along Katipunan Avenue and between THREE well-established academic centers: Miriam College in front, and Ateneo de Manila and UP Diliman just a stone’s throw away, it makes perfect sense that this central location would be perfect for finding that much-needed diligence (hehe). Through the entire episode, I was guided by my good friend Mr. Elmerei Cuevas, Diligence’s founder and co-owner. Thanks, Kuya Elmer! 🙂

He is rumored to be single. HAHAHAHA sorry I had to. :)))

Going inside, I went ahead and took photos of the interior. I could see immediately that Diligence is indeed a good place to start being productive; there are wide spaces between tables so as not to accidentally interrupt the other people studying, the lighting is perfect for reading and not too bright, and hanging extension cords which saves space and adds to the overall atmosphere (absolute genius, in my opinion).

I see (dead) studious people.
Even if it were full, I reckon it’d be very, very quiet in here.

To start being diligent (coughs), just approach the cashier and log in your hours; you’ll be paying PHP 70/hour which includes unlimited coffee/juice, wifi, and electricity. If you need any drink refills, just approach the drinks bar. And when you’re done being diligent, just log out the hours and pay. Neat, huh?


Diligence also has a couple of meeting rooms that people can use to hold small meetings, which I believe is perfect for group projects and startup companies to do their thing. With only a writable glass panel, the room is as simple as it gets. No nonsense, all business (or acads).

Whiteboard eraser included.

While bathrooms are a given in any self-respecting establishment, Diligence takes their…diligence two steps further by offering a 30-minute shower service for those who plan on staying the entire night. If you ask me, I think they earn much, much more for the showers than for the coffee itself. 😉


One must observe proper shower etiquette, after all.

And if that wasn’t enough, Diligence truly immerses their customers in the whole “OMG-MY-DEADLINES-ARE-KILLING-ME” atmosphere by letting them take naps, courtesy of their Nap Slips (sounds wrong, I know) — they even provide you with a pillow and a free human alarm clock. Talk about…diligence! (I’m running out of words, I know ugh)

The hardworking student’s Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card.

After taking pictures of the place, I proceeded to place an order from the cashier. For coffee, customers can opt to get theirs at medium or high-strength. Given my experience on the world of coffee, I chose the stronger variant (heh). And since I’m a sucker for cinnamon-based pastries, I proceeded to get a cinnamon bun, to boot.

And it was really, really good. The sweet cinnamon bun is a perfect partner to the pleasantly bitter coffee (I almost always drink my joe black), and the coffee itself is at just the right temperature to be immediately drinkable.


So there you have it! Whether you’re a hard-working yuppie looking for a place to work, a CEO of your own budding startup in search of a meeting room, or even just an average joe looking to shower for the first time in days (haha), then Diligence Cafe is the place to be. And before we end this episode, Diligence reminds all of us of this one, important, ironclad rule in their shop:

People have been executed for lesser offences, it seems. Hahaha jk.

In all seriousness though, here’s their address if you’re looking to spend the day being diligent :))


Unit 2A, 2nd Floor, Elizabeth Hall

President Carlos P. Garcia Ave, Diliman,

Quezon City, Metro Manila 1101


Happy Hunting! 🙂




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