A #BaristAnnouncement! (And a belated anniversary post)

Hi guys! Ken here. I have TWO big announcements for today! Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t been able to post anything here in the blog for a while now. My apologies for that. The reasons for that is because:

  1. My phone broke and took my motherboard with it (curse you, LG!), so the later pics of my 2016 BaristAdventures are gone FOREVER as I forgot to backup to a cloud (*sobs*). But not to worry, as I plan on re-visiting the places that were lost…as soon as I am able to remember them. :))
  2. I’ve been in a slump these past few months; I won’t elaborate, but just know that I am currently unable to make new content, let alone visit new coffee places. Huh, is this what they call “writer’s block”?
  3. In relation to #2, I am also in a temporary financial bind. So yeah, I have to prioritize other stuff first over this blog (as much as I love you guys, btw 😦 :))

However, I am still available online! You guys can just message me for anything coffee-related here in WordPress, or over at my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kencansbaristadventures/

As for Announcement #2, it’s this: KenCansBaristAdventures is over a year old now!

I remember starting my very first adventure at Craft Coffee Revolution in Broadway on January 5, 2016 (no pics because I haven’t thought about being a blogger back then hahaha sorry). I ordered a cappuccino there which would be, and still is, /the/ best I have ever tasted. Back then, there was no WordPress page. Heck, I haven’t even named it “KenCan’s BaristAdventures”! For all the unfortunate events I’ve been through (as have most of us, surely) last 2016, this was one of my few stellar moments, for I have found a hobby where I feel that I truly belong in. I wonder what would my life be if it never happened.

I guess it just goes to show that there’s always a silver lining (in my case, it’s a lining of crema huehue). 🙂

Anyway, happy hunting, belated Happy New Year (lol late), and may we all have more #BaristAdventures together! Cheers! 🙂



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rockstar Nash says:

    Nice! post ka pa bro! eto binabasa ko pag duty at gusto mag kape hahaha


    1. Hahaha thanks, Rockstar Nash! :)) Don’t worry, I’ll be posting something soon once na umayos na ulit buhay ko lolz. Stay tuned! 🙂


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