Makati’s Newest Roaster and Coffee Grocer: Coffee Tonya!

[October 22, 2016]

Konnichiwa! Or ‘hello!’ in Japanese. Ken here, and you might be wondering why I just greeted you, oh dear reader, in that particular way. Well, it’s because there’s a new roaster in town, and they’ve come all the way from Japan! The name: Coffee Tonya!



1231 Angono Street

Makati City

(02) 750-6200

Opens Monday to Saturday, 10:00AM – 7:00PM

They just opened last October 10! Cool, right? πŸ™‚

Located just beside Makati’s City Hall (which would make looking for the place a lot easier), Coffee Tonya shares a spot along with a restaurant and a beer place.

What makes it special, you might ask? Well not only do they roast and serve coffee; they also sell their own beans and coffee equipment! How cool is that?! Now there’s finally a one-stop (physical) shop for most, if not all of your coffee needs.

2 seconds into the store and you’re greeted by so. much. merchandise.

Various coffee equipment can be seen along the shelves, with well-known brands like Hario and Kalita, and other, lesser-known ones that sell cheaper versions of their big-brand kin. From drippers to syphons to burr grinders and replacement paper filters, this is a blessing to those like me who have to go around the whole metro for a myriad of equipment needs.

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I believe I have mentioned that they also sell green (unroasted) beans? The pricing differs per origin, ranging from Php 350 to as much as Php 2000+ for half a kilo of coffee! Given that I’m not personally, err…wealthy at the moment, I simply went with buying some Kilimanjaro AA which still went for Php 460 for 200 grams.

They also sell their coffee beans in bag/ground form, as well as bottles of their cold brew. They actually encourage you to use their bottles for subsequent refills, which not only saves the environment, but also gives you a good discount every time. Sweet, right? πŸ™‚


A bottle of cold brew at Php 250 is a steal in my book.

Afterwards, I had my coffee beans roasted in-store where I requested it to be medium-roast. I’m planning on using them for an experiment, details of which will be in a future post. Look forward to it!

They’re right about that one, for sure.

The pic below shows the Kilimanjaro AA beans being roasted (and flung all over the place like popcorn, which is kinda entertaining to watch).


And now for the coffee itself. I tried their cold brew, which was made using their BBC blend (based on local beans from the Philippines). It was really good! A bit too strong for me (Kapeng barako does that) so I had to add some milk (shame) halfway down my cup. But it’s pretty balanced overall, and the acidity itself is pretty light. If you’re new to the place, this one’s a must-try. That, or any of their espresso-based drinks I suppose. πŸ™‚ 20161022_132954

So there you have it! Coffee Tonya in Makati. I hope you guys will be able to visit the place soon, especially since it’s a relatively new place. Who knows, maybe you’ll find just the thing there to satisfy your coffee curiosity. Happy Hunting! πŸ™‚


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