A Picturesque Discovery: Shutter Cafe!

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, so I’ll be relying much on memory to recall all the details. But don’t worry, since it’ll be more or less accurate. 🙂

[May 28, 2016]

Thinking that maybe I should make this next #BaristAdventure a little closer to home, I went ahead and searched for some interesting locations in Quezon City. I found one in the Tomas Morato area, and it was called Shutter Cafe. It’s  a photography store, with a coffee shop! Photography’s not my cup of tea (coffee), but it sure is nice to see multi-purpose coffee shops in the Metro (like this one in Megamall that I’ve been to before!)


118 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St cor Tomas Morato near Tomas Morato, Sacred Heart, Diliman, Quezon City

I knew it was special the moment I saw it.

The interior was full of cameras and camera equipment for sale. Think 75% store, and 25% coffee shop. The retail store was called Shutter Master, while the cafe aptly named Cafe Litrato (“Litrato” is Tagalog for “picture” 😀 ). I went ahead and ordered a nice refreshing glass of Iced Latte, and took pictures of things that take pictures (LOL) while I waited.

They have a lot of space for all this. Makes it easy to walk around and do window shopping.
The tables in the center feature the cameras themselves, while being surrounded by bags and other paraphernalia.
Cafe Litrato
Since the place was full, I was seated on the chairs outside.

I should note that the staff here are very courteous and accommodating. Since I was seated outside, there wasn’t any nearby outlets for me to charge my phone (I use my LG G4’s camera for these adventures so that’s why it drains fast). But thankfully the staff provided an extension cord. 🙂

A tarpauline printer, I think?
A collection of travel bags and tablets and scanners.
First time I’ve seen a Polaroid up close, I think.


All these lights, and I couldn’t illuminate your heart. Chos.


As for the cafe itself, it’s sticks to the whole camera theme pretty well:

Defunct cameras line the shelves beside the counter.


Yes, they also have desserts. 🙂
I recognize the Syphon and the Drip, but the brewer on the left is new to me. Hmm.
And they also have a limited collection of board games!

The Iced Latte was pretty sweet, but refreshing! All that walking around made me thirsty, so this definitely hit the spot. Nothing special about their beans (as far as I can remember), but that didn’t stop them from making a delicious glass of iced goodness. 🙂


If you’re into photography and would also like to drink good coffee all the while, then this place is what you’re looking for. Happy Hunting! 🙂



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