Because they have a new branch in QC: Craft West Avenue!

[May 21, 2016]

Craft Coffee Revolution’s newest branch is now in West Avenue, QC! I actually heard from their main branch in Broadway a while back (which is also in Quezon City but is a ways off) that they’ll be opening a new branch soon in West Ave. After hearing from my sister that yes, they are indeed open now, I booked my most available Saturday with a friend to check the place out.

Tastefully located beside the front lobby of a condo/hotel complex.


103 West Ave, Project 7, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Four things I’ve found out in my first thirty minutes inside:

  1. It’s the biggest branch they’ve opened so far,
  2. The cafe operates on a 24-hour schedule except of Sunday nights, when they have to do maintenance,
  3. Cyclists can use the outside rails to park their bikes, so it makes for a good makeshift bike spot (and the guard is pretty nice about it too), and
  4. Their frozen brazo is consistently good, and this time I have pictures of it!


A 24-hour third-wave coffee shop this big??? Consider me a regular visitor! And the abundance of sitting room and electrical outlets make it a very attractive place for students to study the night away. And of course, all while sipping our favorite signature blends. 🙂

Plenty of space.

Given that it’s right next to a newly-built condominium’s lobby (West Avenue Suites), they’ll be sure to have a steady stream of customers from both inside and outside the building. And given that I myself live nearby compared to their main Broadway branch, looks like I’ll be frequenting this place from now on.


Featured are their standard coffee equipment, same as in all their other branches
Guess the brewing method.
I don’t know about you, but I kinda like this condo’s ID theme.
Featured: Craft’s usual selection of cakes, pastries and pies.

Ordering a plate of pasta, a cup of latte and cappuccino, and a slice of frozen brazo for me and my companion, we went through each course and we loved every minute of it. I expected Craft to mess up somewhat with the pasta (as what happens with most specialized shops that try to serve food outside their comfort zone), but I actually liked their food.

A filling treat for a fulfilling afternoon.


And of course, their well-known frozen brazo (which I couldn’t take a picture of last time because I was too busy enjoying the cake hehe):

Layers and layers of frozen goodness.

Overall, my experience in Craft’s newest branch turned out to be just as good as when it was back in their main branch (in short, really, really good)! If you guys are ever in the area, know that there’s a new Craft Coffee Revolution available in West Avenue, ready to serve you good food, heavenly cakes, and most importantly third-wave coffee 24/7. (Except on Sunday nights(?) because they do maintenance as they should)

Happy Hunting! 🙂



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    ‘Did not fail to disappoint’ means it is indeed disappointing! Is that what you really meant?


    1. Hi Sam! My apologies, that’s the complete opposite of what I meant. I’ll rephrase this right away. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  2. Sam says:

    Oh thank goodness!!!! Cant wait to try their offerings soon! thanks for this review!


    1. No problem! You can try their main branch in Broadway near E. Rod as well. It’s where I started doing these adventures, too! 🙂

      Craft Coffee Revolution – Broadway
      66 Broadway ave, New Manila, Quezon City


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