Midweek Mini-Adventure: EchoStore!

[March 30, 2016]

Echo Cafe was actually on my list of to-go places this coming Saturday, but since I can easily drop by Echo on the way home, I ended up succumbing to my curiosity.

Spontaneity and curiosity is a terrifying combination.


GF, Eton Centris Walk, EDSA Cor Quezon Ave, Pinahan, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila, Philippines

This isn’t like most coffee shops I’ve been to so far. Echo piqued my interest because they’re also selling various Filipino-made products from indigenous communities, including their coffee beans! They also serve coffee, which is a good way to keep their customers within their doors.

The cafe’s at the side and the mini-grocery’s at the back.
Their shelves house a variety of Philippine-made products.
Desserts and juices are on display at front.
The coffee beans that they’re selling.
Varieties of tablea, as well as sugars and natural sweeteners.

After checking out their mini-grocery, I proceeded to the cafe to make an order. To my surprise, the coffee is pretty affordable here! Guess it’s because it’s locally made, after all.

Everything else is pretty pricey though.

I ordered an Americano (for a change) for only Php 85. While waiting, I took some pictures of the walls and panels to pass the time.

They are a value-oriented establishment. I like it.

And here it was. Given that it was only Php 85, I was honestly not expecting much here. Though it still ended up being a pleasant experience. Here’s how it went:

Aroma: 3.8/5. You can definitely smell the coffee here. Not as strong as I imagined, though that may be because of the water that was added.

Taste: 2.7/5. Light acidity, and a light body. However this is reminiscent of brewed coffee. The barista told me that the coffee is actually a mix of arabica and robusta beans, which explains the price and the taste. Not exactly my cup of tea (or in this case, coffee).

Price: 4.5/5. It’s Php 85! Very affordable.

Overall: 3.67/5. Using robusta beans didn’t work well for the americano here, but that’s understandable given the low price. I also admire the cause to support our indigenous farmers, after all, so there’s that. EchoStore’s coffee is a good way to show your support and to taste decent locally-made coffee. Just don’t expect the moon. 🙂

And that’s how my midweek mini-adventure went. Happy Hunting! 🙂




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