Another Short Adventure: Quiapo, Cubao and an Aeropress!

Hi there! Here’s another short adventure for your reading pleasure. 🙂

[March 12, 2016]

I went to two different places of interest on this day. None of them’s a coffee shop (gasp!), but they’re still places of significance. Probably. Trust me on this.

First off, I had to go to Quiapo to buy some tablea at La Resurreccion. Once I was able to buy some, I retraced my steps here to have a healthy lunch. :3


740 Raon St, Bgy 307, Zone 030 Sta. Cruz, Manila

Globe Lumpia House is one of the more famous places to eat in the Raon-Quiapo area. They only have ONE branch, and they only accept take-outs (the place is smaller than my 1-bedroom apartment). Their lumpia is priced at only Php 18 per piece, so I bought…three. What? I was hungry.


It was also visited by celebrities back then, I think. And there’s always a line of hungry customers. So if you want to have a taste of this Raon legend (I made that up but they deserve it anyway), go to Quiapo and start munching on some delicious, juicy lumpia.

Finishing up with lunch, I went to my next destination.


45 P.Tuazon Blvd, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila

Located in one of the more well-known roads in Quezon City, looking for the building itself is hardly a challenge. Because it looks like…


Yep. A freaking castle!

Chocolate Lover is actually a baker’s dream come true. The ground floor is a grocery of various baking supplies such as cooking chocolates, sugars, flour and nuts. The upper floors sell baking tools and other services. I went here to buy a bag of walnuts, and I smelled chocolate all over. Lovely.

BACKSTORY: I’ve actually been here before as a kid. We used to own a bakery, so I remember being brought here by my parents. The place smells like chocolate and childhood, indeed. 🙂

After getting what I came for, I proceeded to Craft Coffee Revolution in Broadway and bought the last item on my list: An Aeropress! I instantly brought it home and experimented.

This is so excitiiiiing~!

Going with one of the articles on the internet, I proceeded to make some coffee. Here it was.

This looks really good.

The Aeropress-made coffee is really good! There were minimal grounds thanks to the microfilter, and the coffee itself was a deep shade of…coffee. I drank it black and the acidity was just right. If I were to rate it…

Aroma – 4.5/5. Freshly ground coffee from my fridge. I used Sagada beans here. Can’t beat that.

Taste – 4.5/5. Aeropress-made coffee is nothing like what I’ve tasted before. The paper filter absorbs the natural oils, so the coffee has more body and less acidity.

Price – 5.0/5. A perfect 5, because I got this for only Php 1900! Most other stores sell them at Php 2000-2300. At this price, with this convenience, this is definitely a steal!

OVERALL – 4.67/5. This is perfect for those who want to make good coffee for a low price, with little effort (aside from the pushing and possible coffee grinding). Minimal sediment thanks to the filter, and a solid cup of joe. I recommend this highly!

I’ll be giving detailed instructions in a separate post…soon! Look forward to it! For now, happy hunting! 🙂



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