A 2-day special: The Coffee Room and in UCC Vienna

[February 26 and 27, 2016]

This one’s a 2-day compilation of 2 short adventures, one in The Coffee Room in West Avenue, and the other in UCC Vienna Cafe in Tomas Morato. I was not able to visit these places before since one could only do so many adventures in one day. But I’m glad I went back for them. Enjoy!

Day 1: The elusive coffee house in a building across West Ave.


3/F Hollywood Square Bldg., 33 West Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila

You wouldn’t be able to see this while riding a jeep, trust me.

Thanks to a friend’s tip, I was able to get an address of this place beforehand. I initially thought that it was already closed since I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere whenever I passed by West Ave. Opting instead to walk around and ask around this time, I was finally able to see it from the street, although just barely.

I went up the stairs of Hollywood Building, and voila! There was this charming red door that seemed out of place, and it led me here:

The red door as seen from the interior. Charming, indeed.

The whole place gave off a vibe that’s not unlike a study place for students. This view was reinforced by the affordable price of their coffee and food. I couldn’t get a closer shot of the menu, but a shot of espresso is only Php 60, while sandwiches start at Php 95. Perfect for hungry and coffee-deprived students.

I wish I found about this place before I graduated.

The walls are painted white, and there is little room for complexity here. There are shelves on the walls opposite the counter where they place plates, pots, teddy bears and other items to give that home-y feeling.

The space at the right seems a bit too narrow, but I guess that’s because the space is limited.


I proceeded to order something from the counter, wherein I went for a cup of cappuccino, and a tuna sandwich.

This whole set cost me less than Php 200. A good deal.

The sandwich was pretty good. The bread itself seemed to be seared using a panini maker, and it was also accompanied by a helping of potato chips. Yummy!

Considering that the cappuccino only cost me Php 100, it was pretty good! It’s not exactly close to what I’ve tasted back in Craft or in EDSA BDG, but this. /This/. This is really, really good. Just goes to show that you don’t need to spend so much for good coffee.

If I were to rate this, it would be:

Aroma – 4.0/5. I can smell that cappuccino smell, and the steamed milk gives it a light aroma. Nice.

Taste – 3.6/5. Not the best out there, but still pretty darn good.

Price – 4.5/5. It’s priced at Php 100. What more can I say?

OVERALL – 4.03/5. A decent cup of cappuccino for an affordable price! A perfect starter for students, or for low-buget #BaristAdventuring. Well done. 🙂

Day 2: My first time tasting Siphon-brewed coffee


Address: Tomas Morato Avenue Corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City

Located in one of the busiest corners of Quezon City, this is just one of many branches of UCC across Metro Manila. This is different from their third-wave variant, the UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork Cafe, which is located in Pasay. I still went in, since I haven’t been to UCC before, and that the coffee they serve is through using the Hario Syphon brewer (incidentally, UCC also sells a limited range of Hario products).

The view from their upper level. A sunny day outside, perfect for a #BaristAdventure.

UCC isn’t just a cafe: it’s also a restaurant! This branch has plenty of tables and space for foot traffic, which probably means that they get a lot of customers inside here often.

And this is only about a small fraction of all their seats.
The photos show the Japanese roots of the place.


Seeing as I wasn’t particularly hungry, I just ordered a nice cup of their well-known siphoned coffee. They used a Hario Syphon for this. I didn’t see how they made it, but I was still impressed when they served it to me like this:

Hot diggity!

If I were to rate this, it would be:

Aroma- 4.0/5. It smells just like what good coffee’s supposed to smell. And you can tell they’re freshly ground based on the intensity of the aroma itself.

Taste – 4.2/5. This is my first time tasting siphoned coffee, so it might be a little biased here. But I honestly found it good. Very, very curious. It has a medium body and light acidity.

Price – 4.3/5. It’s priced at Php 120 for a cup of joe, so it’s pretty average in terms of price. It’s siphoned though, so I’m sure it makes the extra pesos worthwhile.

OVERALL – 4.17/5. If you want to have a go at siphoned coffee for a price that won’t hurt your wallet, then UCC Vienna Cafe’s Special Blend is the way to go.

Hope this helps you become even more inspired to go on a #BaristAdventure! Happy Hunting!



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