A Supplier in Pasay City: Noontime Adventure!

[March 03, 2016]

I actually wasn’t supposed to have an adventure for this Saturday, since I had to do some errands in Pasay City. Then again, I /was/ in Pasay City, so maybe I could do a detour after I’m done and…


Pro tip: walking around Pasay City on noontime is a bad idea. Because it’s scorching hot. After finishing my errands, I proceeded to travel to a coffee warehouse which happens to be nearby.

Almost…*huff, huff* there…


Park Avenue Mansion, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila

Phone: (02) 831 8314

I’m putting “Warehouse” there because I was expecting a store branch, just like in Makati where I bought my grinder. On the contrary, it’s where their warehouse is located, although they do have a showroom for all visitors to see. I ended up visiting just after closing hours, but thank goodness that they still allowed me to visit.

The showroom is full of their featured products, which includes Hario products (they say they’re Hario’s official distributor in the Philippines) and Jura espresso machines, as well as the Artisan brand of coffee beans, which are also from Conlin’s.

A variety of Hario presses, grinders, and drippers line the shelves.
The Jura espresso machines in display. Probably automatic from the looks of it (no levers)

They even have an electric gooseneck kettle, which is what I’ve been searching for weeks now! (It’s extremely difficult to find something like this in the metro, trust me). It costs Php 3300 though. But I guess I could always save up for it.

They’re even selling a Hario Syphon and other commercial grinders!

After giving my email address for future reference, I went on back to QC to enjoy a cup of good ol’ fashioned joe before spending the rest of the night with friends. Even a #BaristAdventurer needs to have some fun with friends, after all. 🙂

The sugar crystals mildly amused me here.

Anyway, that’s it for this entry. If you’re an aspiring cafe owner, or someone who wants to buy some legit Hario products, you can either call Conlin’s using the number I posted above, or if you want to go to any of their other branches, jsut click this link to their website.

Happy Hunting!



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