Pre-Valentine’s #BaristAdventure: Makati (Part 1)!

[February 13, 2016]

This is an extremely long post, which is why I had to split this one into two parts.

Waking up at 8am, I proceeded to try and make some hot chocolate to supercharge myself (I’ll be drinking lots of coffee later anyway, so cocoa it is). I used La Resurreccion’s tablea which I bought from Quiapo weeks ago (which I also mentioned in this earlier post) and stirred using a plastic spoon. Not too shabby.

The blur is caused by my burning passion for adventure.

After that very satisfying cup of Filipino-style hot chocolate, I took the next train to Makati City. This is where it gets fun! First up:


Jaime C. Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

As the name implies, the Salcedo Saturday Market is open only on Saturdays. It’s usually visited mostly by foreigners and/or people from the nearby residential districts of Makati. They sell various imported and local goods, such as US turkey, NZ pigeon (yes, pigeon!), tuna, orchids, woodworks, street food, porcelain ware, and of course, coffee beans!

Which brings us to TOMMY’S FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE, located inside this very market.

Tucked snugly between an Indonesian and a Filipino food outlet.

Tommy’s beans are all local, meaning that the beans are all sourced from the Philippines. They also package their beans in 200-gram packs instead of the usual 250-gram ones, which makes it more affordable in a sense. They also serve brewed/iced coffee for a low price. I bought a cup of iced coffee to cool of from the noontime heat.

Tommy’s variety of beans and coffee products.


After finishing up with my inquiries, I roamed around the market to find lunch. I settled for some wagyu beef shawarma rice, which is one of the cheaper lunch options at Php 250. Hey, it’s the middle of Makati City, after all. 🙂

It honestly doesn’t look like Php 250. But it sure tastes like it. Delicious!

After lunch, I proceeded to walk to my real destinations, which were the cafes around the Business District. The first one was at Local Edition at Legaspi Village.20160213_133433


Mayfair Mansion, 116 Perea, Legaspi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila

Situated along Perea Street, Local Edition is a cafe with a theme that leans toward books and art. The interior is mostly white with a few featured artworks, and there’s even a sign which encourages visitors and customers to take pictures and post with their hashtag #localeditionph.

I like they way they think.
Very minimalist. I like it.
They also have the occasional art gallery for all to see.

So I took a seat, took pictures, took in the interior, and proceeded to taste their coffee. I ordered a cup of cold-brewed coffee out of curiosity. This is the first time I’ve tried cold-brewed coffee ever, so I was pretty excited.

I stared at it with much anticipation.

I decided to forgo the milk and taste it black. Cold-brewed coffee is…different. It’s more flavorful than most brews I’ve tasted so far, and the cold coffee itself is a welcome sensation. It’s less acidic (sour) and has a deeper body than say, French-pressed coffee. I’ve read that this kind of brew takes 12 or so hours, but I personally think that the taste makes it all worth it. I like it!

The view of the counter from my table.
It’s actually a pretty small yet comfy place to lounge about in.

Finishing up my coffee, rolling back the newspaper I borrowed, and giving my earnest compliments to baristas, I went out and walked to my next destination…



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