A Short, Rainy Adventure: Maginhawa!

[February 6, 2016]

This one is pretty short, but sweet.

On this Saturday morning, I was greeted by gray skies, light winds, and the pitter-patter of rain. But we both know that wouldn’t stop me from making an adventure.

Neither rain nor storm could stop me from making a #BaristAdventure!

After having breakfast, I proceeded to one of my favorite coffee spots first to warm myself up and to ask around for my usual coffee bean and equipment inquiry: Craft! I ordered the usual cappuccino, took a newspaper and read some good news the old-fashioned way.

Really good news!

After finishing my coffee, I asked around for the prices of the coffee beans they were selling. Since they didn’t exactly have a price list, the barista kindly made the effort to write it out for me instead. You can take note of it in the picture below.

It’s cheaper when you buy by the kilo, but only if you’re able to consume it all…or running your own coffee place.

I also asked them if they had coffee grinders for sale, but the options they gave were a bit too expensive for me.

After finishing up in Craft, I proceeded to go to EDSA BDG to get equipment prices. The barista there pointed me to the list that was posted along with their shelves.

Included with things I may even need in the future. Awesome.

After getting what I came for, I went to Maginhawa to explore, since I realized that I haven’t really explored a place so close to my alma mater. My first stop: Mithi Cafe!


131, Maginhawa Street, V. Luna Extension, Quezon City, Maginhawa, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, Kalakhang Maynila

A quaint little place.

I’ve read about Cafe Mithi on the internet, and wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, I was not able to go in and have a sip of their coffee because the place was already full, and that it would stay that way for a few hours. Guess I’ll have to go back some other time. Off to the next destination!


67A Maginhawa, UP Village, Quezon, 1101 Metro Manila

I’ve actually been here many times before as a student. In fact, this place is where I learned to appreciate locally-sourced coffee! So yes, this place and I have quite a history. Revisiting my nostalgia, I went in, took a comic book, and ordered a cup of Benguet coffee.

Smells and tastes like college nostalgia (even though I only graduated less than a year ago).

Their coffee is pretty flavorful. Technically, Cool Beans isn’t a third-wave coffee shop, but they still serve great coffee, regardless. A perfect place to relax while reading a good book.

And that’s it for this day’s #KenCansBaristAdventures. Happy Hunting!




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