The Day I Visited Coffee Empire!

[January 16, 2016]

I was on my way back from SM North where I just bought an electronic kitchen scale for my #BaristAdventuring purposes. I’ve already bought a relatively cheap French Press from Starbucks the day before, so all I needed was a coffee grinder. And then I saw a coffee shop just after Examiner Avenue. A big one. It may just have what I needed.

It was Coffee Empire, in West Avenue.

I entered and the cafe itself was very spacious. There was a separate section for their coffee grinders, the kitchens were visible from the tables, and the baristas were on an elevated platform. Very classy.

Picture taken from the elevated platform. Classy.

They had all these assortments of coffee brewing equipment: French Presses, Chemexes, Kalita Wave Drippers, Syphons, Aeropresses…you name it!

So many brewing methods, so little time.

They were also very, very organized. That metal panel underneath some of the drippers? That’s actually a sink where they can easily pour water over for convenience. Awesome.


And then there’s their espresso machine, which I reckon is semi-automatic, given the wooden levers and all. I had lots of fun watching them make the beverages from the comfort of my seat. After confirming that they didn’t have the coffee grinder I was looking for, I settled to have a taste of their brewed coffee here. I sat in front of their counter, which was on the elevated side of the store.

Looking at this beautiful view.

And so I ordered my brewed coffee. To my surprise, the barista asked me what kind of coffee beans I would like to taste. I told them that I’ve only just started pursuing coffee making as a hobby, so I have no idea what to pick. Realizing how much of a noob I was at this, they gave me the privilege of taste-testing cups of  coffee, from the most light-bodied to the most full-bodied coffee they have, all in order to teach me how to determine their taste profiles.

Remember: I said cups. With an “s”.

Because they had me drink eight. Cups. Of. Brewed. Coffee. Yes.

They were kind enough to walk me through the taste profiles! You name it, I tasted Sumatra, Brazilian, Ethiopian, Madagascar, etc. all while drinking water in between to help me determine the body of their coffee! As well as the acidity (or sourness)! I had to drink whole cups since the baristas told me that the coffee changes taste over time…and it does! They were really instructive about the whole thing.

And to top it off, I only paid for one cup of coffee! I felt really grateful since those guys were so awesome. And really passionate! They told me how they were able to learn their craft from the owner, and how much they love doing their work! You can almost feel the passion by how animated they were telling their stories. 🙂

I went home inspired…and very caffeinated. :))

If you guys want to visit Coffee Empire, here you go:

Coffee Empire, 74 West Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City


-Ken C.


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