The 5-Ws of #KenCansBaristAdventures

Hi! This is my first post, and you may be wondering what this blog is all about. Well, I’ll explain it all here:

WHO: My name is Ken. Currently a software engineer and part-time blogger.

WHAT: #KenCansBaristAdventures is something I do almost every Saturday, where I explore coffee shops, equipment stores, taste coffee, ask around, and chat with the people I meet. And this blog is a collection of random adventures, mostly coffee-related, from someone who wants to be a barista someday.

WHERE: There is no limit as to where. Currently I’m only exploring Metro Manila due to my day job and my finances, but I do hope that someday, I’ll be able to travel to other cities, countries, and continents.

WHY: At some point in 2015, I ended up being interested in coffee and how to make it like baristas do. A quick Google search here and there, and I came across a list of third-wave coffee shops, places that are different from the usual Starbucks or CBTL down the street. So I got curious. Very curious. Combine that with my natural tendency to randomly walk around and explore places and call them adventures, well, the #BaristAdventure was born.

HOW: I walk, take a cab, a jeepney, a bus, or whatever transportation is available, depending on where it is. I get myself lost, then I rely on Waze and Google Maps to get me around, I find the place, and so on and so forth. But yes, basically anything goes.

So this blog is dedicated to you, my dear reader. So that you may not only be able to follow my weekly adventures, but also that you’ll be inspired to do the same. Cheers! 🙂




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