Of Tomas Morato, Mandaluyong, and Katipunan.

[January 23, 2016]

I started this day’s #BaristAdventure right after my night shift (which is at 6am). I was greeted by a beautiful Saturday sunrise once I got out of the office, and went back home to prepare for my day-long search for a grinder I could buy.

One of the perks of working night shifts.

Because I somehow still have the energy to travel across the metro for my search, I ended up going to Divisoria, Tomas Morato, Mandaluyong, and Katipunan, which are basically 4 different places in the Metro that are far away from each other. So I’m putting them in list form for your convenience. 🙂


212 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Dr. Lazcano St., Quezon City

After going to Divisoria, I went here to have lunch. Starbucks Reserve claims to be different from the usual Starbucks stores since they’re the third-wave version of the latter, and it’s true. The interior itself has lost all the usual busy atmosphere in place of a much more simplistic and cozy theme. There were presses, cups and beans lined up on shelves, and I think it’s much cozier than their second-wave counterparts.

The interior design is quite charming. Makes for a relaxing place to have a cup.

I ordered a cup of coffee plus a wrap for lunch. The coffee was made using their Clover Machine. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one. The barista said that it uses a vacuum to extract the coffee and then ejects the beans afterwards. It was really entertaining to watch, actually. 🙂

Shelves of presses, beans and mugs for sale line the walls.
The Clover Machine is at the left. On the right is their “Barista Promise”.
Not as crowded as I expected, but you can tell it’s pretty popular.

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining lunch for me. Off to the next destination!


CLMC Building, 209 EDSA, Barangay Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City

EDSA BDG, or #YKW Roasters is located along E. Delos Santos Avenue, or EDSA for short. It’s slightly difficult to get to their place, let alone spot it since they’re far from the nearest bus stop, and right next to a flyover, which means if you ride the wrong bus, you’ll have to double back quite a ways. :))

The first floor of EDSA BDG is their roasting and brewing lab, while the cafe itself is on the second floor. They outsource coffee beans to other third-wave coffee shops, as well as crafted beer to other establishments. You’ll have to take the stairs to get up, though. No elevators. 🙂

It’s almost like a factory down there, except the smell is of coffee instead of asbestos.

The upstairs cafe is pretty large, with plenty of room for foot traffic. There are shelves lined with beers and the various coffee equipment they sell, including a grinder, although it’s pretty expensive.


The cafe itself is positioned at the center of the second floor. Half of it serves coffee, while the other half serves their crafted beer and sodas.

The coffee side. Classy.



The bar side. Groovy.

I ordered iced espresso, made from their own blend of beans called “Purple Haze”. It was actually pretty fruity in taste, and the whole drink comes with some facts such as flavor profile and the origins of the beans. I was only actually able to taste the red apple taste, though. But still, it was refreshing and relaxing.

This certainly hits the spot.
This helps budding coffee-lovers so much.

And they also offer coffee appreciation seminars! Totally booking myself for a future date. Off to the next one!


88 Esteban Abada St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

This is the second Craft I’ve been to so far, the first one being the main branch in E. Rodriguez (in a previous blog post). I wanted to know the difference between the two, so I checked it out.

Similar in style, yet with a noticeably different vibe.


Most of the customers here were either students from the nearby universities or young professionals. Their menus are the same, but the coffee equipment they sell is not as complete as in the main branch, plus they’re more expensive for some reason (An Aeropress here costs 250 more than in their main branch). They do have this groovy-looking red espresso machine, which is certainly eye-catching, even from the outside. They also have an outdoors section, something the main branch does not have.


Since I’ve already had my fair share of coffee for the day plus the fact that I have essentially tasted their coffee before, I just opted to have a nice slice of carrot cake.

Pretty darn good for a carrot cake.

It was one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s not so sweet, and the carrot-y taste was light enough to not make me feel too full. I love it.

I hope you’ll be able to get to these places as well! #BaristAdventuring is worth the effort. :)))




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