My encounter with Department of Coffee + 2nd Visit to Craft Broadway!

[January 9, 2016]

I encountered this one along Roces Ave. while on the way to Craft Coffee Revolution. I got curious so I checked it out. 🙂

Department of Coffee Manila.

Smaller that it looks from the outside, but still pretty cozy.

The interior looks pretty simple: not much in the way of decoration, but it does highlight where it needs to–the coffee equipment. Because D.O.C. sells La Marzocco espresso machines, which are made in Italy and are said to be one of the more high-quality ones. They even offered to give espresso machine price consultations if I ever so needed it. Awesome. 🙂

Unfortunately since I was going to Craft, I opted not to order their coffee and instead ordered dinner! The food is pretty pricey, although that’s to be expected. Being a newly-hired yuppie has its limitations, after all. So I went for the Aglio Olio though, since everything else would possibly make my wallet cry.

Every teardrop is a waterfall.

After dinner, I proceeded to Craft and ordered brewed coffee this time, which is a tad more expensive (Php 160) than espresso-based drinks (Php 120 for cappuccino). I chose Brazilian beans and it ended up being very flavorful. I had to add milk though, since I was still not used to the bitter taste of coffee.

As highlighted by the glass of water on the right.

 Now you might be asking me: “But what about D.O.C.?”. I’ll cover that at a later #BaristAdventure. Soon. But for now, here’s their address:

Department of Coffee Manila

87A Don A. Roces Ave.

Laging Handa, Diliman

Quezon City 1103

Metro Manila

Happy Hunting! 🙂



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